Sustainable Logs & Firewood

We take pride in only using locally sourced wood.

Whether it’s kiln dried logs, barn dried logs or kindling,
rest assured the quality and credentials are all there.

Countryside Logs takes great care to ensure that our
firewood is harvested in a sustainable manner, so you
can enjoy a cozy fire without harming the environment.

We source our firewood from carefully managed forests, where trees are replanted after being harvested.

This means that our firewood is renewable and sustainable, and
will not contribute to deforestation or habitat loss.

In addition to being sustainably sourced, our firewood logs
are also processed using eco-friendly methods. We use a lowimpact, chemical-free kiln drying process to remove moisture
from the wood, ensuring that it burns efficiently and cleanly.

So, why not choose firewood logs that are good for the environment as well as your home?

Order from us today and enjoy the warmth and comfort
of a sustainable fire.