Sustainably managed, locally sourced firewood.



Netted Logs

Kiln Dried Logs

Air Dried Logs

We serve Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and the surrounding areas.

At Countryside Logs GF, we’re all about sustainability.

All of our wood is grown and sourced within a few miles of our plant, which is
great for the planet and our carbon footprint.

We supply quality firewood delivered locally to your door, for free.
You can also set up regular deliveries with us to ensure you never run out.

Ready to burn

Our quality fire wood is kiln dried to a moisture content
of less than 20% following Government Guidelines.

Only logs that have less than 20% moisture content
can be certified ‘Ready to Burn’.

The UK’s Clean Air Strategy aims to lower the emission
of harmful pollutants, and one of the ways it is doing
this is through the implementation of the Ready to
Burn certification.

Barn stored for a further 12-18 months.

Burning dry logs is more environmentally friendly, as wet logs
release smoke and harmful particles when burned.

Our wood is suitable for wood burners and fireplaces, pizza
oven and chimeneas, our wood is a mixture of Oak, Beech, Ash,
Cherry, Sycamore and Birch.

Countryside Logs pride ourselves on our unique story, excellent value and quality produce