Our Story

Excellent quality, excellent value – all locally sourced. 

Our story starts back in 2003.

Our journey in treecare started with Father and Son,
Shaun and Matthew.
Originally providing solutions for homeowners and
businesses in tree surgery, over the years we’ve
developed into a trusted, local company who’re known
for excellent service and a love of good produce.

We stand by our values of keeping everything local and as sustainable as possible.

Today, we’re well established in the South Downs and all of our produce is from local sources with a full planting/regenerative system to ensure our carbon footprint is minimal and you’re getting local produce at excellent value.

Our own kilns, our own produce - provided with care to you.

By using our own kilns, heated with our own logs, you
can ensure you’re getting excellent produce and caring
for the environment at the same time.